has shared the top ten list of the most bizarre room service orders with its inaugural Room Service Report, and the list is as bizarre as you’d think. From boiled bottled water to diet water, here are the top ten most bizarre room service orders:

  1. Diet water
  2. Melted ice cream
  3. Blowfish
  4. Boiled bottled water
  5. Raw fish that guests brought and wanted to be cooked
  6. Cockle popcorn
  7. No egg white omellette
  8. Rice bowl (for dogs)
  9. Bison
  10. Eggless eggs in hell (shakshuka)
Diet Water, Please_

Top Ten Cities According To Hotels.Com That Are The Most LGBTQI+-Friendly

June is Pride 🏳️‍🌈 Month, and according to, these are the top ten cities that are the most LGBTQI+-friendly. As a bonus, we’ve listed LGBTQI+-friendly cannabis businesses as well:

    1. San Francisco, CA – San Francisco is known as the most LGBTQI+-friendly city in the world and has the biggest LGBTQI+ community in the world. Over 50,000 people from all over the world gather in San Francisco every year for their Pride Festival.
      1. San Francisco Cannabusiness: SPARC has been a premier cannabis dispensary in San Franciso since 2001 and has two locations in the city. The company is LGBTQI+ owned and has a weed delivery service for your convenience. Check them out here: 
    2. New Orleans, LA – New Orleans may be known for its Mardi Gras festival, but it is also widely known for being LGBTQI+-friendly! Each year, they host a 6-day event around Labor Day Weekend known as Southern Decadence to celebrate the LGBTQI+ community.
      1. New Orleans Cannabusiness: Simply Cannabis CBD shop in New Orleans is located at 4507 Magazine Steet, along with two additional New Orleans locations, and was voted Gambit Weekly’s Best Place To Buy CBD Oil Products this past September! The company offers both CBD and THC products, as well as an absolutely adorable storefront!  Check them out! 
    3. Portland, OR – With a higher-than-normal average of people identifying as LGBTQI+, Portland, OR is one of the most LGBTQI+-friendly cities in the United States. Waterfront Park is home to the city’s annual Pride Festival, which takes place over 3 days and includes lots of shows and activities.
      1. Portland Cannabusiness: Check out PDX Green Box – founded by Adrian Wayman, PDX Green Box is a premium cannabis delivery service in Portland, and has monthly subscription boxes to allow customers to try different products each month. Check out their website at 
    4. New York, NY – New York City is one of the first cities to become LGBTQI+-friendly. In 1969 after the Stonewall Riot, New York City was proving to be welcoming to all with gay-rights protests. New York’s Pride Parade is a colorful and exciting parade filled with floats, performances, and supporters.
      1. NYC Cannabusiness: Housing Works Cannabis Co is located at 750 Broadway and boasts quite a collection of prerolls, drinks, edibles, flowers, and accessories for cannabis lovers. Housing Works not only features products from LGBTQI+, BIPOC, and women-led brands, but they also support Housing Works, which is an NYC-based nonprofit that is all about advocacy, life-saving services, and justice for all. All proceeds from Housing Works go to their nonprofit organization. Check them out here 
    5. Orlando, FL – Orlando has the 3rd largest LGBTQI+ community in the United States, and boasts the biggest LGBTQI+ community in the state of Florida. Orlando is home to several Pride Month events such as Come Out with Pride and Disney’s Gay Days, which is a week-long celebration held at Magic Kingdom each year that draws in over 150,000 guests from all over the world.
      1. Orlando Cannabusiness: Sunnyside Medical Cannabis Dispensary is located at 2051 Town Center Blvd. in Orland, FL, and is a proud advocate of the LGBTQI+ community. In fact, the company notes that without the LGBTQI+ community, legal cannabis wouldn’t exist. With stores in several cities, Sunnyside has options such as flowers, vapes, concentrates, and topicals. Check out their LGBTQI+ history and team member interviews here 
    6. Palm Springs, CA – Home to America’s first All-LGBTQI+ city council, Palms Springs, CA is definitely LGBTQI+-friendly, and has a wealth of LGBTQI+-friendly hotels and events. Palm Springs is most notably known for their outstanding representation of the lesbian community.
      1. Palm Springs Cannabusiness: Located in Cathedral City, CA, Atomic Budz Dispensary aims to create an exquisite cannabis experience by offering the best-quality cannabis, knowledgeable staff, and excellent customer service. Join their loyalty program, sign up for daily deals, and read their cannabis blog here 
    7. Miami Beach, FL – With over 145,000 people celebrating each year during their Pride Parade, it’s no wonder Miami Beach is considered one of the most LGBTQI+-friendly cities in the U.S. Miami’s Pride Parade happens in April each year, but the city also has several Pride events that take place throughout the year.
      1. Miami Beach Cannabusiness: Just a short ride up from beautiful Miami Beach, FL is Hallandale Beach, where you can find RISE Dispensary. RISE Dispensary has a few locations throughout Florida (check out West Palm Beach below), and offers a range of high and low-potency THC & CBD products to customers with Florida medical cards. The store is just an 8-minute drive from North City Beach Park and a 16-minute drive from the Fort Laurderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Check them out here 
    8. Boston, MA – Did you know that Massachusetts was the first state in the U.S. to legalize same-sex marriages? An annual celebration to commemorate their contribution to LGBTQI+ rights includes an entire week of fun events.
      1. Boston Cannabusiness: Commcan is not directly in Boston, but is a local, LGBTQI++, and women-owned company in Millis, MA. Ellen Rosenfeld and her two brothers began CommCan Inc. in 2015 as a part of the Massachusetts Medical Use Of Marijuana Program. Check out Commcan, their amazing story, and their products here 
    9. Washington DC – Washington DC is known as the nation’s capital but is also known for its Capital Pride Parade, the state’s largest pride festival. Washington DC is also home to LGBTQI+ historic sites, such as Dupont Circle, where the city’s first LGBTQI+ bookstore, Lambda Rising, was opened in 1974.
      1. Spliff D.C. is a cannabis shop that is proud to be an LGBTQI+Q ally that offers a free preroll for first-time shoppers. Spliff has four locations within the Washington, DC area, and has a variety of products to choose from. See their selection of spliff products here 
    10. West Palm Beach, FL – West Palm Beach, FL was voted as one of the best cities for members of the LGBTQI+ community to retire. West Palm Beach is known for its beaches and nightlife, and Palm Beach Pride is the second-largest Pride event in South Florida. Each year in April, the Gay Polo Tournament kicks off polo season in the city.
      1. Rise Dispensary of West Palm Beach is not only a great cannabis shop but is a proud ally of the LGBTQI+Q+ community. Their website offers extracts, flowers, tinctures, vapes, and more, along with cannabis resources and blogs. Read about some of Rise’s staff members and how they make the connection between cannabis and the LGBTQI+Q+ culture here 

Oklahoma City’s Pride Fest will be held June 23 – 25 at Scissortail Park, and throughout the month of June, there will be many events taking place to celebrate the LGBTQI+ community. For more information and to check out the events, go to