After having some rather less-than-fulfilling experiences with other growers and with no luck at finding the quality products we were in search of, the idea for a high-quality clone supplier in Oklahoma City became apparent.

We knew the kind of passion and dedication we were willing to put into our business, and wanted to make sure that our team consisted of like-minded individuals, who not only had a deep love of high-quality cannabis products, but the green thumb to go along with it!

After months of planning and searching, we were ready to start our journey into organically grown, high-quality cannabis clones.

At Oklahoma Clone Collective, all clones are grown indoors, without the use of harmful chemicals or sprays. To prevent the spread of pests, we have a comprehensive Pest Management Program for all of our mothers and our clones.

To ensure that our plant babies remain happy and pest free, we use beneficial insects to ward off any potential pests.

These “predatory” insects happily roam the growery looking for any signs of pests to gobble up, without harming the plants or clones. It’s a win-win-WIN situation! The insects get to feed on whatever pests that may try to infiltrate the growery, our plants remain pest free and healthy, and you get the best products as a result!

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When you’re ready to order, just call us up.

Our number is at the top of the page and we are ready and waiting to provide you with the high-quality cannabis clone you’ve been looking for!

Oklahoma Clone Collective is Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority & metrc compliant!